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The Wild Adventure of Oklahoma Joe’s 10-Gallon Hat

The Wild Adventure of Oklahoma Joe’s 10-Gallon Hat

A great way for children to learn about Oklahoma and it’s Native Americans!

In 2008, this book received the Oklahoma Governor’s Special Recognition Award.

Emma Doesn't Want To Race Today!


Emma, a racing pigeon, teaches facts about Oklahoma Route 66 as she travels the historic road by flight.

Writer’s Digest awarded this book an Honorable Mention.

Escape to Macaya

Fourteen-year old André, kidnapped into slavery, makes a desperate escape from certain death!

This is an action-packed story about a teenager’s horrific experiences as a child-slave in Port-au-Prince.

Off Our Rockers

This lighthearted look at health and humor takes a look at real life absurdities for seniors using the author’s ethnically diverse cartoons and real life experiences.

Its purpose is to help those over 55 rediscover joy and fun in life.

Off Our Rockers

Off Our Rockers

Perk Up Your Life With Laughter!

This book, written and drawn by a senior, features unique positive images of life for seniors.

Share the gift of laughter.

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The Scream Heard Around The World

The Scream Heard Around The World

Truckers, Here is An Amazing Adventure for Your Kids!

Children of all ages will enjoy this story of how Mervil the mouse saves the life of a trucker.

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The Wild Adventure of Oklahoma Joe's 10-Gallon Hat

The Wild Adventure of Oklahoma Joe's 10-Gallon Hat

Celebrating Oklahoma’s Native American Heritage with the Tale of a Native American Cowboy!

This book is the winner of the Oklahoma Governor’s Special Recognition Award.

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Escape to Macaya

Escape to Macaya

Written for middle-school children, this novel features a bibliography and illustrated facts about Haiti, its people and their culture.

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The Wild Adventure of Oklahoma Joe’s 10-Gallon Hat

“Dr. Duncan’s meticulous research and clever artwork have captured the essence of Native American culture. His book will spur the imagination of a generation of youngsters.”

Dennie Hall, Ph.D.

Book Editor, The Oklahoman

Emma Doesn’t Want to Race Today! She’s in Love With Route 66!

“An engaging story with history and colorful illustrations that ignite children’s passion and pride for Oklahoma and ‘The Mother Road’!”

Austin Tackett

Oklahoma Department of Tourism and Recreation

Off Our Rockers

“Hall is now sharing with us, as we get older, the regenerative power of laughter. His message: ‘Get off your rockers, laugh at yourself and live your life to the fullest’.”

Jim Fite

MBA, International Center for Humor and Health

Escape to Macaya

“A captivating book for Christian youth which dramatically brings to life the real-world struggles in Haiti faced by the 225,000 children currently entrapped in slavery. What is exciting is that it also provides hope and practical ways we can make a difference in these children’s lives today.”

Ken Bever

President, Hope for Haiti's Children

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